Welcome to my Online Professional Portfolio


Good day, my name is Everton Campbell, and I am a graduate of the University of Technology, Jamaica; I am also a gifted and trained Computer Scientist. My love for technologies started at an early age where I became fascinated with computers and their components. I engaged myself with great enthusiasm to utilize computers not only to enhance my knowledge and skills but also assisted my classmates, co-workers, and the public, aimed to optimize ease of operation and efficiency.

Some of the areas I have offered my professional skills are as follow:

  • Systems Administrator
  • Online Banking Administrator
  • Microsoft Office O365 Administrator
  • Computer Technician [Desktop, laptop and servers]
  • Systems Analyst
  • IS Auditor
  • Web Programmer
  • IT Consultant
  • Networking and Structured Cabling
  • Writer
  • Presenter
  • IT Project Supervisor/Team leader
  • Researcher
  • CCTV Technician/consultant
  • Procurement for hardware and software for business objectives and efficiency